I've yet to discover the secret that some people possess, of being able to sit down to their instrument, and improvise something wonderful at whim.  Since I started this whole thing, there have been very few days where I've really felt like I had control over the artistic merit of what I was trying to do... and very many days where my total lack of focus produced exactly what I thought it would: total crap.  How do people do it?  When I'm exhausted, there's almost nothing I can attempt to pull my head into semblance.  Is there something I'm not catching on to?  Or is it more like the performance thing, where just being there onstage in front of an audience gives you that automatic ultra focus?  I wouldn't know the answer to that yet, since I've never actually improvised in front of people.  Anyone wish to weigh in?

Here we go, Day 254: https://ia600303.us.archive.org/32/items/Improv42412/20120424210358.mp3