Tomorrow, I go to see Jesse perform the final hour-long improvisation of his latest project.  (One hour-long improv per week, for one year.)  I'm excited.  I know it's going to be good, and definitely give me some food for thought.  He's the one that inspired my whole project, so I can't help but feel at least a little invested in his.  And as he posts comments here and there about being both excited and sad as his year comes to a close, I wonder about what I'm going to do when my time is up.

August 15.  That's my day.  I've already thought about this.  But I still haven't concluded anything.  I don't know if I have the stamina to keep up this kind of work for another year, but I've been so utterly transformed that I feel it a terrible loss and shame to just stop.  Maybe a month long break, and then I should start something up again?

What will I do with my first day of freedom?  If I stop being held accountable, will I stop improvising?  Have I changed enough that this will just be a part of what I do, and not something that I struggle for?  (Still struggling, by the way.)
Some concerning questions, there.  And other unwritten questions, floating on by....

Here we go, Day 262: