Eyes wide shut.

On improv:

My eyes keep opening and closing. It's so frustrating in those moments when they are closed.  I feel blind, clumsy and slow.  But I think sometimes that when I close them, I'm seeing something important... although not quite clear.  Like an idea or dream that comes moments before real sleep begins.  And whatever realizations I may have had are blinked away the instant I've gained consciousness.

I know that brilliance doesn't come with the snap of a finger.  But sometimes the ebb and flow of learning is hard to take, when all you want is to know.

On today's improv in particular, I had the hardest time finding a place where I didn't feel stunted.  And finally, I found a zone where I completely wandered everywhere, with carefree abandon.  The paths went, and I followed.

Here we go, Day 270: https://ia800308.us.archive.org/15/items/Improv51012/20120510204111.mp3