Again, I feel a little bit ashamed that I haven't written more in these past few weeks.  But take comfort in the fact that the reason is because life, as it occurs outside of cyberspace, is taking me to the places that I can only contemplate in this Little Blog.  The practice of all of these ideas in reality is what has stolen me away from here, and just for the moment.  Don't worry... I will be back.  I prefer to live these things anyway... test out my conclusions, see if they work in the real world, gather more information to fuel my next philosophical discussion.  I miss you, too, Little Blog, but the interactions that can be shared out there have to be experienced.  Otherwise this all means nothing.  I can't very well talk about truth, time, or tempest without being a part of that very meandering, confusing, webby whirlwind.  After all....

So, I'll be back, and up to my old, long-winded, esoteric posts in no time.  Probably will just take a little patience.  Of course, I'll see you soon... tomorrow with another post, another improv.

Here we go, Day 274: