Off the record.

Could you believe that by day 292, I've only ever improvised maybe once or twice without recording it?  Seriously!  But today, after I finished my "official" improvs, I continued to play a little longer, with a spare ten minutes.

Why is it, that after getting comfortable on the record for nearly 10 months, I find myself doing such more interesting twists and turns, nuances and expressions, when I'm not recording?  It was almost like I had stopped sucking in my belly, and a big sigh left my body.  I started to use different patterns, shapes, and variations that I never used in previous improvs.  I almost felt like a totally different pianist.  And the switch was remarkable... I could never improvise like that before.  Now the question is, how do I get myself to do that with the mic on?

Here we go, Day 292: