I know how I would answer this question for myself, but I wonder how you would answer it:

Have you noticed an evolution in these improvs?  And if so, in what way? 

I'm almost at ten months.  I can honestly say that I'm a different person since I began this thing.  (Not entirely, obviously... but I've definitely gone to places previously untraveled.)

On another topic, I'm really grateful for my many influences.  I'm fortunate to have been exposed to world music from the farthest regions one could imagine, as well as the most archaic music, and absurd music; strange music, and traditional music; classical of course, and jazz; bad music, and extraordinary masterpieces.  Maybe at times, it's been distracting, or misleading, but I'm still pretty happy that I've got the background to draw from.

Sorry... a little fragmented with the writing tonight, and for the last several nights, I'm afraid....  Well, the improv is also a bit fragmented, but there were moments I really liked in there, despite some initial trepidation as I sat down to play.

Here we go, Day 297: https://ia600706.us.archive.org/28/items/Improv6612/20120606213021.mp3