It's been at least two months since I've come here.  It's a familiar sensation.

That's what we feel when we return to some place we haven't been in a while.  A nostalgic remembrance that resembles deja vu... slightly eerie as if you've slipped softly backwards into a cloudy memory.  In those moments, your body isn't sure what the time frame is anymore; and your physical confusion only adds to your psyche's displacement.  It's all very strange.

Sometimes, the mix of body/mind/meta memory is not a good one.  Interesting how lasting some impressions can be, and how strongly they can influence us years and years and years later.  Some of the things I've learned, I wish I could unlearn.  That same sentiment, though, from a different perspective, makes me take my role as a teacher and as a human much more seriously.  (Silver lining.)

Anyway, this may all sound cryptic and strange, and guess what.  Chances are, if I'm writing cryptically and strangely, you can bet I'm not going to clarify at all.  Ah, homecomings.  We don't ever really change, do we?

So here I am after two months of not blogging, and not really doing much improvising.  To be honest, I haven't been doing much playing at all.  Yesterday, I sat down at my lonely piano, and gave it some love, the results of which, I will post here.

Here we go, Post-grad Improv 1: