It's all about perspective.  There's a lot I want to write about this, but seeing as how it's 3:08 am on a Wednesday morning, and I've still to do the dishes and get ready for bed, I surely can't fit it all in tonight (today).  Again, I have no excuse, except that I was, and will always be, a night owl.  That is, until I have kids, and then I will just rely on my poor, poor husband to help in the mornings when I become a bear.

But in short, I had a chat with McIntyre tonight, who is not really McIntyre, but was almost a McIntyre, and it was about stuff that I knew, but needed to hear out loud, and in words that held some weight from someone that's experienced it, and validated what I am trying to do, and where I am trying to go.


Here we go, Day 30:

For the record, this still counts as Tuesday, September 13, 2011.  Because this recording was done on this day.  Just... do this for me.