Cotes du Rhone.


I'd rather give you a weird, little waltz than a bad pop song.  (I actually like weird little waltzes.  A lot, in fact.)

There is a mosquito in my room, even though tomorrow it's supposed to snow.  Which explains a couple of things.  But I'd like to leave you to wonder what those might be.

Contrary to popular (my) opinion, I actually did have some food in the fridge, and was able to throw together quite the delicious dinner.  (Mushrooms, shrimp, arugula in a garlic cream sauce over fresh fettucini, garnished with cilantro and parmesan.)

Wine and ice cream are, in fact, a good pair.

Best, most accurate phrase ever: Tenho saudades tuas.  Such meaning with such few words.  Why can't we have phrases like that in English?  Geez.  Force an American to branch out, already.

Decided on a usual langourous variety for today.  For some reason, I'm feeling this one deeper than the weird, little waltz.  I know mom doesn't get these, but... erm... well... oh well. 

Here we go, Day 75: