Few of us will know the pleasures of authentic homemade coconut curry with Thanksgiving turkey leftovers in it.

Not me, however.  I know this pleasure quite well.

Best with toast.  Really!

And to be honest, it's not really authentic if it has turkey, since such a thing does not really exist in Thailand.  But it is pretty authentic to chuck whatever in there.  So, there you go.  And this time it was just mom and me eating it, so she was able to make it as spicy as she wanted.  SO GOOD!  (Siblings can't take the heat.)

You know what's hard?  Coordinating an asymmetrical rhythmic pattern in one hand with something completely different in the other hand.  I can do it if I practice it, but on an improv?  Lordy.

Sometimes when I improvise, I get concerned that it's riding the line of cheesy.  I should actually write "cheezy," with a Z, because I wish to emphasize that it scares me that much, the possibility of the cheez.  I know Yanni is a super successful musician by commercial standards, but man, I do not want to sound like him.  Not ever.  And, you know, it seems awfully easy to slip into that idiom as soon as one begins to do lots of meandering patterns, broken chords and whatnot.  Fair warning.

Here we go, Day 104: