I've been thinking...

... perhaps in the last twelve hours only... but

... I've been thinking.  First I was thinking about motion.  And then I was thinking about displacement.

... and stream of consciousness.  Filling time.  And what time is.  A measure... and what encompasses a measure.  And a minute... and what encompasses a minute.  And how a measure seems long and then short.  But then a minute is also long and short.  Really, music is so fleeting, and both that measure and that minute happen and pass so without a moment of recognition.

Jesse asked, "Do you feel like you're thinking a lot when you're playing?"

Yes, and then also no.  It depends on the day, it depends on the improv, it depends on my state of mind.  But what matters more is the outcome, right?  Or no?  I've been feeling lately like it's important to have some structure... something to follow to keep things coherent.  And when I'm really invested, there's an unforced "thinking" that happens that keeps me on track.  But if I let myself completely wander, structure usually falls away.  Now, whether that's for better or worse is another thing.

I dunno.  Jesse?

Here we go, Day 108: