Eat cake.

Well, so, I went after something a little different today, in response to what Jesse wrote about yesterday.  I wanted to try it out.  But I couldn't let go, so completely, of form.  I also didn't do exactly what I thought Jesse was suggesting... from talking with him, and hearing what he has to say, I gather that he means to let the brainwaves go, and allow the physical memory/training to kick in.  That the subconscious will come through regardless, and hence prove a purer honesty.  (Jesse, if I'm off the mark, feel free to chime in and correct me.)  Look back to the "Dreams." post, and you'll see that I actually believe this in some sense, as well. 

Here's the difference, though, for why that wouldn't work the same way for Jesse and for me.  Jesse is primarily a jazz musician.  He has gone through extensive training in improvisation.  I have not.  Not ever.  This is a point that I discussed tonight with McIntyre, who knows.  It is true that I have a quarry of classical language that I can fall back onto, but it is a very different skill set.  It is so very difficult to adapt to this alternate way of creating music, and I think that the expectations set by my educational background has skewed my goals.

But anyway, success for this project, as it is judged solely on the process and what I learn, has already been achieved.  The rest is noise.

Here we go, Day 109:

(Oooh, I could've made a great reference to Beethoven Opus 109.  Darn!!  Missed opportunity.)