Lots to write, but it's pretty late, and sleep must be had.  For real, this time.  I still haven't had dinner yet, either.  I don't know exactly when this happened, but at some point, food=fuel.  And when I've got a lot of work that I want to get to, it's purely a matter of what can I eat fast, that will sustain me for the longest amount of time before I need to eat again?  It's in those moments when you might catch me standing at the kitchen counter with a cold strip of steak in one paw and a dry piece of bread in the other.  A lone banana peel looms, strewn carelessly on the edge of the sink, a strand of its fiber climbing onto the faucet handle.  With a sense of soft fog lifting, I feel the sugars making their way back to their plasmic homes.

... aaand it's time to get some actual food before my heady writerness starts taking over.

I might also add quickly the enormous gratitude that I feel towards the people that have been helping me along this journey.  Because it does seem like being lost in the wilderness at times, and it's always nice to be offered a helping hand in those moments.  Really.  Many, many thanks.

Here we go, Day 156: