I may have mentioned before that I'm a bit "ruined" for improvisation by my classical roots.  When I sit down to play, I want everything to be a miracle.  Or at least I want it all to wrap up in a nice little package.  Which is so strange, because I tend to like things askew.  I've always liked the wonky smile, or the one eyelid closing a little more on that side only.  I especially like the single dimple.  And funny how I think scars are special. 

Sure, symmetry has its place.  And even has beauty.  But I find more balance in the imperfect.

So why can't I just let my stuff be?  I am frustrated by a lot of these improvs because they're not anything that I would ever showcase.  They're not well-constructed, and even I, the person who made them, can't make any sense from them.

And I wanna know... why am I not okay with that?  Why can't I just extract ideas from them, and consider them sketches?

Maybe I don't want to put sketches out in the world... and by my own promise, I must.  Maybe if I weren't putting these online, I'd be a lot more comfortable with them.  But if I weren't putting them online, I probably wouldn't be doing them so regularly.  Hmmm....

Here we go, Day 183: