The truth is, I never gave much clout to today's holiday.  Not since I was a kid.  And the best thing about it was just getting a bunch of little notes, many of them with pictures of Garfield and an unfunny pun in a thought bubble, from classmates paired with candy.  The candy was really what was fun.  And opening the envelopes.  What kid doesn't like getting "mail?"  And I seem to recall one Valentine's Day when I was sick, and my Dad brought me a pink, heart-shaped sugar cookie while I was sniffling under the covers, a down of used tissues engulfing my little head.  Now that I think of it, that was pretty great.  But it didn't have that much to do with any holiday.

I'm not down on Valentine's Day, I just don't live with a necessity to have a "special day" for love.  I know I'm not the only one.  And I suppose I understand why this holiday exists.  The sentiment is still very beautiful.  But I think I must be lucky... if I don't see a need, it's because I feel love all the time. 

So for today's improv... it started out as a lullaby, and transformed itself into a nocturne, I guess.  Pretty basic chord structure, almost completely tonal, a little stodgy.  Nothing groundbreaking here, but perhaps a good exercise in staying within a standard harmonic plan.

Here we go, Day 184: