I almost didn't post tonight.  My internet went out, and upon calling the cable company, discovered that there was an outage in my area.  Act of God.  Nothing I could do about it.

On my way to bed, I saw that the lights on my modem were flashing again.  That's how dedicated I am.  Now, 3:10 am, I sit again at my monster information slab, and blog today's post.

So, I'm not a singer.  Never pretended to be one since the 8th grade (when I totally pretended to be one... I used to sing opera at the top of my lungs when I thought no one was home.  Carmen, La Boheme... famous arias, what have you... never with the actual words... just the melodies on la or some made up foreign words.  Once Dad unexpectedly floated down the stairs after I had been belting for about fifteen minutes, much to my adolescent embarrassment...)

Anyway, that being said, today my body needed to get some song out.  So, to either your curiosity, dismay, or delight, this is what is on the improv for today.  Words are improvised as well, so, sorry about all that.... :P

And there's real live caterwauling, too!

Here we go, Day 178: