Happy Pi Day, everyone.

Circles are, first of all, really neat.  But secondly, very bizarre, that they occur naturally.

You, Circle, are weird.  You are perfect, all the way around, and it's nearly impossible for a human to recreate you on purpose, yet you are so integral into our way of being.  Everything about us is about you.  Cycles, all of them, are you.  From where we start, is the same place we find ourselves again at the end of things.  Like that quote... "the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began and to know the place for the first time."  (T.S. Eliot... you... Ach, I love you... )

And momentum... we find that little push, and then, Circle, physics propels us around you, and we fall back to our beginning, and that little momentous thrust gives us that ride all over again.

And the way we move... all circles.

Comfort? Circle.

Sorrow? Circle.

Laughter? Circle.

I don't think I need to go on... maybe clarify my examples, but not now... another time. 

Circles.  Yeah... squares got nothin'.  Triangles??? There's some competition.  Especially the equilateral triangle.  But if you're talking life and being and creation and nature, Circle's got it in the bag.

So, I was gonna put this neat, little rhythmic thing here, but decided at the last minutes to put this decidedly more weird one instead... I dunno... seems to tell a different story... wonky and wandering.

Here we go, Day 213: https://ia600806.us.archive.org/21/items/Improv31412/20120314152713.mp3