Leave it to a non-musician to remind me how hard I believe in my craft.  And all he had to do was be an imbecile.  Maybe that gives me more belief in humanity... if I were surrounded by people like this at every moment... but then... hmmm....

On another thought, I got to talking with someone about ergonomics in relationship to brain function and how that all connects with our muscles, fine motor skills versus broad gestures and so forth.  And I brought up the idea that, though we might perceive red as different colors, we define it the same way; and that, though our bodies might connect to our muscles differently, maybe they learn to function more or less the same way out of what we find necessary.  Well, this all became quite theoretical, because, as it turns out, scientists have studied very little of this, and really have no answers.  I mean, if the NYU department has no idea, then I can't expect much from elsewhere.  (If you've got something, then show it.  I want to know.)  But, really, honestly????  I want them to study me and my friends.  I want to know the details of how we move, and what our brains are doing as we do this crafty thing, which is pretty ridiculous, in terms of motor skill.  Are my brain waves like yours as we both play the same piece?  Is there a "right" way in terms of physical manipulation?



It's pretty interesting being the artsy wild card at a neuroscientist party.

Here we go, Day 256: