Well, then.  A little more shameless self-promotion.  Since I'm eagerly anticipating my bed tonight, I'd rather not get wrapped up in a wonderful philosophical discussion at this point.  Instead, I'll tell you to watch the Lyra competition live stream tomorrow at 5pm EST.  I organized it, after all... so you know it's gonna be, if not completely awesome, at least a little quirky and amusing.  I'll be doing the public speaking, and that's generally endearing... also a hotbed of painfully unintentional Freudian slips and mumblerifficness.  Plus, two of my own students will be performing, and, well, anyone who teaches privately knows that, at some point, your students become your little surrogates.  Even if only for an hour a week.  I'm definitely bonded with these two.  So check it out!  They're my musical spawn.

Here we go, Day 257: