I've been very aware that I have not been taking many (any) risks in my improvs.  At least not lately.  That really bugs me, because it's something I've always appreciated, and generally chastised when gone missing in performance.  I've never loved neat, perfectly ordered playing, unless it's neat, and perfectly ordered with a smear of unexpected danger and excitement.  Or if "neat and perfectly ordered" is ironically so, then that will work just fine, too.  But neat and ordered on its own is just dull.  So anyway, I'm bugged by my own self.  Not because I'm neat and ordered, but because I'm missing that element of risk.  You get it... I don't need to write on.

On the plus side, though, I've taken a couple of jazz lessons, and I think it might start to get me to focus on progressions a little better.  So far, my II-V-Is are pretty good.  ;)  Hopefully I will keep it up, and gather some momentum, and maybe, at some point soon, I'll know all my chord progressions so well, that I will be able to analyze, instantaneously, the funkiest chord I can muster.  And that is pretty funky.

Here we go, Day 259: https://ia600308.us.archive.org/31/items/Improv42912/20120429194550.mp3